Long Range Transportation Plan Update

Last Updated 05/27/2022


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The Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC) is preparing an update to the Long Range Transportation Plan that will provide a detailed roadmap of the regional transportation system of Imperial County for the next 30 years. The LRTP will identify transportation priorities, funding, and policies necessary to move Imperial County forward. Stay informed by visiting the ICTC website for upcoming updates!


  • Identify and promote the relationship between the transportation system to existing and future land use and community comprehensive plans and programs.

  • Provide guidance to promote the improvement of multi-modal transportation circulation of people and goods, using both motorized and non-motorized transportation modes, new technologies and infrastructure facilities.

  • Recommendations and guidance to provide a safe, efficient, accessible, socially equitable and cost-effective transportation system.

  • Ensure compliance with state and federal transportation planning regulations.

  • Develop recommendations that ensure environmentally sustainable planning practices.

  • Provide an update to the 2013 Imperial County LRTP

  • Provide an enhanced multimodal plan to include: transit, active transportation, goods movement, border & regional highways

  • Provide Imperial County’s priorities into SCAG’s RTP/SCS


Lead Agency
Imperial County Transportation Commission
February 2022 - Summer 2023