Management Committee

The Management Committee is comprised of the city manager of each of the seven cities, the County Executive Officer, the County of Imperial Public Works Director, and a representative from the Imperial Irrigation District. The Committee addresses transportation projects and issues specific to the region and provide a recommendation to the Commission for approval. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month.

ICTC Technical Advisory Committee

The Public Works TAC makes technical recommendations to ICTC regarding regional issues including transportation, solid waste, development, and regional funding apportionments. The Committee is made up of Public Works Directors from each of the seven cities and County, and a representative from the Imperial Irrigation District. Meetings are typically held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Social Service Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

The SSTAC membership is appointed by ICTC per the tenets of PUC 99238. The Council serves three-year terms and drawn from members and agencies within the community. The SSTAC addresses the mobility needs of the community including; transit-dependent, the elderly and the disabled. Specifically the committee’s responsibilities are:

  • Identify the unmet transit needs within the jurisdiction.

  • Annual review and recommend action by ICTC.

  • Advise ICTC on any other transit matter.

American’s With Disabilities Act Advisory Committee

The American’s With Disabilities Act Advisory Committee (ADAAC) was created at the direction of ICTC. It meets on an as needed basis. Its membership is taken from the SSTAC Council and includes individuals and agencies who are, or, provide services to the disabled community. It meets to review and comment on issues related to transit:

  • Whereby a transit complaint has been filed by a person with disabilities that requires independent review,

  • where an appeal is filed under the ADA certification and eligibility process for IVT ACCESS services, AND

  • when a public agency requests input/comments from the disabled community on transit service changes.

Imperial-Mexicali Binational Alliance

ICTC is the co-lead to implement in partnership with Imperial Valley EDC and Mexicali’s EDC (CDEM) the Imperial-Mexicali Binational Alliance (IMBA). Our goals for this group are focused on Cross-border transportation, infrastructure, economic development and environmental issues. We have a focus on trying to implement short-term low-cost improvements, if possible, and to have consensus of priorities for issues and specific improvements. In addition to the lead agencies, the participants for this group include the Cities of Calexico and Mexicali; County of Imperial; State of Baja Califonia’s Cabinet Offices of Transportation/Urban Planning (SIDUE), Environment, and Economic Development; Caltrans; US and Mexico Federal Agencies at the border, such as GSA and CBP; and Secretariat for Communications and Transportation (SCT) and Aduanas. Other interested stakeholders are invited, such as Calexico Chamber’s Border Ad Hoc Committee, and other Imperial Valley city representatives that wish to attend.

This group usually meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month on a bi-monthly basis and rotates between Imperial and Mexicali.