August 24th, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Agenda | Regular Meeting

Individuals wishing accessibility accommodations at this meeting, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), may request such accommodations to aid hearing, visual, or mobility impairment by contacting ICTC offices at (760) 592-4494. Please note that 48 hours advance notice will be necessary to honor your request.




May 25, 2023


            Phillip Ramirez                         City of Brawley

            Jeorge Galvan                           City of Calipatria

            Felix De Leon                           City of El Centro

            Adriana Anguis                         City of Holtville

            Jesus Villegas                           City of Imperial

            Veronica Atondo                       County of Imperial

            Manuel Ortiz                            Imperial Irrigation District



            David Aguirre                           ICTC   

            Virginia Mendoza                     ICTC

            Marlene Flores                          ICTC

            Angela Delgadillo                     ICTC

            Ana Gutierrez                           City of Brawley

            Andrea Montano                       City of El Centro

            Andres Miramontes                   City of El Centro

            Marco Coronel                          City of Imperial

            Ismael Garcia                            County of Imperial

            Adolfo Garcia                           County of Imperial

            Robin Owen                             Caltrans

            Byran Ott                                 Caltrans

            Rafael Reyes                            Caltrans

            Alejandro Lopez                                   Caltrans

            David Salgado                          SCAG

            Manuel Ortiz                            Imperial Irrigation District



1.       The meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m. A quorum was present, and introductions were made. There were no public comments made.


2.       A motion was made to adopt the minutes for April 27, 2023 (Atondo/Anguis) Motion Carried.


3.       Project Implementation Process-Federal & State Funds

(Presented by: ICTC Staff)

-          ICTC provided a flowchart that illustrates the process of implementation of federal and state-funded projects. The flowchart was designed as a tool for local agencies and counties to highlight key processing and decision points from start to finish. 

For any questions, please contact Virginia Mendoza at or Marlene Flores at 



4.       ICTC Updates / Announcements                                                                                                   (Presented by ICTC Staff)

a.       Transit Planning Updates

-          As a part of the IVT Free Fares Program, ICTC will continue to provide free fares to the public until further notice. 

-          Bus Stop Improvement Project, which will include the installation of bus shelters and other amenities throughout various cities is anticipated to be completed in FY 2023-24

-          Staff will be working on an EV charger installation project that will include multiple cities throughout the county. This is projected to be completed in FY 2023-24

-          The Calexico microtransit program, Calexico on Demand service had a celebration event in May. Currently, the average number of passengers per day is 170, with 231 being the highest. The program recently received $500k that will be used to expand the use of another vehicle. 

-          The next IMBA meeting is scheduled to be held in Imperial County on June 8, 2023. More details to come.

b.    Transportation Planning Updates 

·         CRRSAA Funds:

-          CRRSAA non-STIP SOF has been approved by the CTC and is available for distribution.

-          If you have not already requested these funds from the District, the forms can be found in the link below (Attachment B- Allocation formCRRSAA Finance Letter & ePPR):

-          The request does not need to go to a CTC meeting for approval and thus can be done at any time. These funds need to be allocated by June 30, 2024.

·         Long Range Transportation Plan:

-          Website:

·         2023 Local Transportation Climate Adaption Program Guidelines:

-          This is a new program that provides competitive grants to local agencies for the development and implementation of capital projects adapting local transportation infrastructure to climate change.

-          The PROTECT Program provides California with approximately $252.5 million dollars over five years through 2026 with funds for resilience improvements that protect surface transportation assets. 

-          Matching Requirements: The Local Transportation Climate Adaptation Program requires a 20% non-federal match.

-          Deadline for Project Nominations: July 31, 2023, Please find attached page 5 from the guidelines that include the program schedule

-          Guidelines were adopted on May 18, 2023, Visit the CTC website link:


5.       Caltrans Updates / Announcements:

(Presented by: Rafael Reyes and Robin Owen)

-          June 9, 2023 is the deadline to submit Inactive invoices or justification.

-          January 31, 2023 – Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 22/23 Requests for Authorization Obligations Due! Please submit RFA packages as soon as possible.

-          May 31, 2023 Clean California Local Grant Program – Cycle 2 Call for Projects Applications Due:

-          June 7, 2023 – Local Assistance Day Statewide Webinar (8:30 – 11:30)

-          Preparation Schedule for California Transportation Commission (CTC) Allocation Requests: Friday, June 16, 2023, is the final deadline (for that August 16-17, 2023, CTC meeting).

-          Projects with Lapsing Project End Dates (PED: On May 1, 2023 the list of active Project End Dates (PED) was updated.

-          A complete PED list –

-          Reconnecting Communities: “Highways to Boulevards” Pilot Program: A call for projects and further details will be posted soon via this link –

-          July 10, 2023 – Deadline for Safe Streets & Roads for All (SS4A) Grant Program

-          July 14, 2023 – California Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems Grant

-          August 1, 2023 – FHWA Deadline for Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program (WCPP)

-          August 18, 2023 –USDOT Deadline for PROTECT Discretionary Grant Program

-          June 1, 2023 – Annual Deadline for Local Assistance Procedures Manual Exhibits 9-B & 9-C!

-          Nationally Significant Federal Lands and Tribal Projects (NSFLTP) Program: FHWA is anticipating the next call for applications in summer 2023 –


6.       SCAG Updates / Announcements:

(Presented by: David Salgado)

-          Great attendance at the General Assembly, thank you for your participation! 

-          Toolbox Tuesday was held on May 16, 2023. The topic was GIS Modeling and analytics in regional planning. 

-          The public input effort for Connect SoCal 2024 continues with the goal of having a draft by the end of year with approval in May at the General Assembly.

-          REAP 2.0 has $220 million available for housing and housing planning, several presentations have been made to the TAC committee 

-          A GIS training will be held at the end of June in Imperial County.

-          GoHuman materials are available.


7.       Cities and County Planning / Public Works Updates:

·         Each jurisdiction gave their update.


8.       General Discussion / New Business

No new business was discussed.


Next TAC meeting will be June 22, 2023, via Zoom for the public and in person at the ICTC offices.


Meeting adjourned at 11:19 a.m.