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December 14th, 2022


David Aguirre, Executive Director

David Aguirre was appointed as the Executive Director of the Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC) on November 9, 2022, after serving as the Interim since December 8, 2021.

ICTC is the Regional Transportation Planning and Transit Agency for Imperial County. Most recently, ICTC through AB 939, was authorized to administer non-transportation programs. Current non-transportation regional programs administered by ICTC are the Imperial Valley Resource Management Agency (IVRMA) and the Service Authority of Freeway Emergencies (SAFE).

Prior to joining ICTC, Mr. Aguirre served as a project manager and office manager for a large local engineering firm. During his tenure at ICTC, Mr. Aguirre served as a project manager/associate transit planner for over 4 years and Transit Program Manager for over 2 years. As Transit Program Manager, Mr. Aguirre was responsible for various critical programs such as managing the administration and operation of various public transit systems and capital projects, the budgetary administration, and oversight of all ICTC’s programs including SAFE and IVRMA. Mr. Aguirre, with interagency support, is currently leading the efforts to expand the bridge over the All-American canal at the Calexico East Port of Entry, as well as the right of way acquisition and funding acquisition efforts for the Calexico Intermodal Transportation Center, and the implementation of ICTC’s very first microtransit service in the City of Calexico. Mr. Aguirre coupled with ICTC staff, oversee highway and transit projects; public transit services; the Local Transportation Authority (LTA) Measure D program; and the development of the Long Range Transportation Plan for the Imperial region and its regional, state and federal transportation improvement programs.

Mr. Aguirre attained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. Mr. Aguirre is a life-long resident of the Imperial Valley and currently lives in El Centro with his wife, their three children and three dogs.

Mr. Aguirre would like to thank the Commission for entrusting him with this opportunity and is looking forward to the future growth of ICTC and its member agencies.