February 22nd, 2024 at 10:00 AM

Minutes | Regular Meeting



February 22, 2024


Ana Gutierrez City of Brawley

Erika Garcia City of Calipatria

Guillermo Sillas City of Calexico

Felix De Leon City of El Centro

Jesus Villegas City of Imperial

Adriana Anguis City of Holtville

Ramiro Barajas City of Westmorland

Veronica Atondo County of Imperial

Manuel Ortiz IID


David Aguirre ICTC

Katie Luna ICTC

Marlene Flores ICTC

Angela Delgadillo ICTC

Juan Manuel Cabrera City of Brawley

Andrea Montano City of El Centro

Liz Zarate City of El Centro

Abraham Campos City of El Centro

Fernando L. Williams City of Imperial

Robert Ureña County of Imperial

Alejandro Lopez Rangel Caltrans

Bryan Ott Caltrans

Nick Ventrilla Caltrans

Mike Hack Consumer

Patricia Ramirez The Holt Group


The meeting was called to order at 10:01 a.m. A quorum was present, and introductions were made. There were no public comments made.


A motion was made to adopt the minutes for January 25, 2024 (Adriana/Gutierrez) Motion Carried.


ICTC Updates / Announcements (Presented by ICTC Staff)


Transit Planning Updates

ICTC TAC 02/22/2024

T: Projects\ICTC TAC\2024 \FEBRUARY\M022224


Imperial Valley Transit (IVT) Free Fares Program: ICTC was able to secure a second grant to provide free fares for all services except the Calexico on Demand service. There will be a public hearing held to reinstate the fares.

Bus Stop Improvement Project: ICTC has just released the Request for Proposals for design services for the project. It is anticipated that the project will be completed within FY 23-24/FY 24-25. b. Transportation Planning Updates

CMAQ/STBG & CRP Call for Projects:

On January 26th the call for projects closed. ICTC received various projects. This item will be taken to the ICTC Commission on February 28th.

For any questions, please contact Katie Luna at katieluna@imperialctc.org or Marlene Flores at marleneflores@imperialctc.org

Long Range Transportation Plan Final Report

The final report is now available at https://ictc-lrtp2023.org/final-lrtp-1

FFY 22/23 & FFY 23/24 Federal & State Funded Project Obligation List:

Each jurisdiction gave its update.


Caltrans Updates / Announcements:

(Presented by: Alejandro Lopez, Caltrans)


The Inactive project lists were updated January 30, 2024. Action is required by the County of Imperial, as well as these four cities: Brawley, Calexico, Holtville, and Imperial.


Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 23/24 Requests for Authorization: Any agency missing this deadline must immediately contact the Caltrans Imperial Area Engineer, Alejandro Lopez-Rangel, to further coordinate any pending RFA submittal: 858-229-1721.


March 15, 2024 – Deadline for California Transportation Commission (CTC) Requests: Friday, March 15, 2024, is the final deadline (for that May 16-17, 2024, CTC meeting).


Projects with Lapsing Project End Dates (PED) – Project phases must be completed or approved for time extensions during the specified and agreed-upon timeframe to avoid de-obligation of funds. On February 1, 2024 the list of active Project End Dates (PED) was updated.


2025 Active Transportation Program (Cycle 7): Further details are available at this link – https://catc.ca.gov/programs/active-transportation-program


Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) Renewals Due: The City of Westmorland must renew UEI registration and can check SAM.gov for instructions. To confirm a UEI, click this UEI SmartSheet link below, and enter information in the yellow columns.


https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=339b738857f44033b2e7d9a95742c38 Expiring soon: Holtville (March 15, 2024) and El Centro (March 22, 2024)


USDOT Discretionary Grants Dashboard: Closing Date: February 28, 2024 – Apply Here https://www.transportation.gov/grants/dashboard


November 21, 2024 – Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grants Due: Applications are now open, which the EPA is accepting on a rolling basis. Final deadline to apply is November 21, 2024.


Cooperative Training Assistance Program (CTAP) – New Learning Opportunities! (“live” & virtual): Schedule is available here – https://ca-ctap.org/?pid=1609


Tuesday, February 27, 2024 – (8:30-11:30) “Local Assistance Day” – Quarterly Webinar


SCAG Updates / Announcements:

(Presented by: David Salgado, SCAG)


2024 SCAG Scholarship Program Call for Applications: Applications for the 2024 SCAG Scholarship Program are now open. The program offers a $4,000 scholarship for up to 9 high school or community college students from the SCAG region interested in pursuing planning

ICTC TAC 02/22/2024

T: Projects\ICTC TAC\2024 \FEBRUARY\M022224

or public service‐related careers. Applications are due electronically on March 22. More

information is available is available on the SCAG website.


SCAG 2024 SAVE THE DATE! 2024 REGIONAL CONFERENCE & GENERAL ASSEMBLY: SCAG will host the 59th annual Regional Conference & General Assembly on May 2-3, 2024, at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert.


SCAG 2024 General Assembly Delegate and Alternate Selection: SCAG sends an email to all cities asking for respective councils to take action to appoint a specific General Assembly Delegate and an Alternate. Elected Officials and City Managers are comped on registrations.


Cities and County Planning / Public Works Updates:

Each jurisdiction gave its update.


General Discussion / New Business

No new business was discussed.

Next TAC meeting will be on March 28, 2024 at 10:00 a.m., via Zoom for the public and in person at the ICTC offices.

Meeting adjourned at 10:28 a.m.