December 16th, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Minutes | Regular Meeting



December 16, 2021


            Abraham Campos                     City of El Centro

            Adriana Anguis                         City of Holtville

            Veronica Atondo                       County of Imperial

            Jesus Villegas                           City of Imperial

            Lili Falomir                              City of Calexico

            Joel Hamby                              City of Westmorland

            Frank Fiorenza                          Imperial Irrigation District



            David Aguirre                           ICTC

            Virginia Mendoza                     ICTC   

            Marlene Flores                          ICTC

            Angela Delgadillo                     ICTC

            David Salgado                           SCAG

            Andres Miramontes                   City of El Centro

            Angel Hernandez                      City of El Centro

            Felix DeLeon                            City of El Centro

            Andy Miramontes                     City of El Centro

            Christian Rodriguez                     City of El Centro

            Juan Manuel Cabrera                 City of Brawley

            Marco Coronel                          City of Imperial

            Lisa Tylenda                             City of Calexico

            Ramiro Barajas                         City of Westmorland

            Rafael Reyes                            Caltrans

            Ben Guerrero                            Caltrans

            Alexander Araiza                      Caltrans

            Daniel Hernandez                      Caltrans



1.       The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. A quorum was present, and introductions were made.  There were no public comments made.


2.       Adopted resolution authorizing remote teleconference meeting in accordance with Assembly Bill 361. ICTC requested a motion to adopt. (Anguis/Villegas). Motion Carried.


3.       A motion was made to adopt the minutes for November 17, 2021 (Campos/Fiorenza) Motion Carried.


4.       Proposed Distribution plan for the COVID Relief Funds FY 2021-2022 Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA)

(Presented by: Virginia Mendoza and Marlene Flores)

-          The Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC) has received revenue information for the Coronavirus Response and relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) Program by state at SCAG.

-          The CRRSAA Act of 2021 apportioned $911.8 million to California. The Act allows states to cover revenue losses, which is important given that California’s state-generated transportation revenues have declines by about $ 1.5 billion due to the pandemic. Approximately $842,000 is available for the Imperial County Region.

-          Virginia Mendoza explains the Proposed Distribution Plan options for the CRRSAA funds. She states that there are two options that can be discussed on how to handle the funds.

-          Ms. Mendoza further explains that the first option is the Population and Maintained Mileage Based Distribution Plan and the second option being the Flat Distribution for Jurisdictions with less than 10,000 population Plan.

-          The second option lets the smaller agencies, Holtville, Calipatria, and Westmorland, have the option of the distribution of $50,000, rather than the first option that they would receive approximately $25,000.

-          Veronica Atondo comments that it might not be worth the effort of using the Flat Distribution for Jurisdiction with less than $10,000 population plan.

-          Joel Hamby agrees with Ms. Atondo’ comment that it might not be worth the paperwork on that option. Perhaps, redistributing that money to the other cities might be a better option.

-          Ms. Mendoza mentioned that if they wish to use that option, where they wish to remove the smaller agencies, there will be a redistribution to the other cities.

-          Marlene Flores adds that the CRRSAA funds can be utilized for  personal salaries, projects that include personal maintenance. There is not a lot of documentation being asked for this if there is a list being provided.

-          Ben Guerrero clarifies that these funds are being converted to state funds and these funds can be added to any existing project. There would not be any additional paperwork if the excel sheet was approved by CTC but would still need to submit the allocation request form. Furthermore, the agency would be able to get approved and invoice the amount of money that they were approved for.

-          Adriana Anguis shares that the City of Holtville has several projects needing the funding. Therefore, the second option, Flat Distribution for Jurisdictions with less than 10,000 population Plan, would be beneficial for the City of Holtville and worth the paperwork.

-           A motion was made to approve Option #2: Flat Distribution for Jurisdictions with less than 10,000 population Plan, with the caveat if the Cities of Westmorland, Holtville and Calipatria do not have projects to propose their amount would be equably distributed to the other agencies. Motion Carried.


5.       Caltrans Updates / Announcements (Presented by: Ben Guerrero):

-          As of November 29, 2021, the INACTIVE and Future Inactive list was updated. Action is not required, as no projects are at risk for inactivity now.

-          CTC Schedule is updated.  Please review and follow the deadlines.

-          Notify Caltrans with any anticipated submittal date for a forthcoming inactive project invoice. FHWA now requires status updated quarterly.

-          DBE Goal Methodology Mid- Year Adjustments- OCR issued the following temporary guidance to increase the DBE goal for the rest of the current year. When the Exhibit 9-D: Contract Goal Methodology is sent to OCR for review and approval, OCR may modify the reduction factor from 80 percent to 100 percent. This modification will be on a contract by contract, district by district basis. When local agencies set DBE goals for their contracts, they will still use the factor of 80 percent.

-          January 31, 2022- Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 21/22 Requests for Authorization Obligations are due.

-          Obligation Authority funds for redistribution are dwindling faster than in prior years. All RFA details must be transmitted on LAPM Exhibit 3-A and use the newest version from May 2021.

-          February 1, 2022- “Clean California” Local Grant Program Application Deadline!

-          Caltrans will administer approximately $296 million as a part of a two-year program to improve and beautify rights-of-way, tribal lands, parks, pathways, and transit centers to restore pride in public spaces. Local, regional, or tribal governments, as well as public transit agencies, are eligible to apply. Nonprofit organizations may be sub-applicants.

-          The fourth online grant workshop will be at 1:30 to 3:30 Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

-           At-Risk Preliminary Engineering (PE)- local agencies may begin reimbursable Preliminary Engineering (PE) work prior to receiving federal authorization for such work, assuming the project and PE phase are included in a federally approved Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (FSTIP) document or an FSTIP amendment prior to incurring costs.

-          Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Update:

-          Exhibit 9-F must accompany every invoice that involves payment to a DBE subcontractor.

-          Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Update:

-          Exhibit 9-F must accompany every invoice that involves payment to a DBE subcontractor.


-          Quality Assurance Program (QAP) approval expires in January 2022 for the City of Imperial.

-          Subsidized Classes for Local Agencies are available to apply. Both the Federal Aid Series and Resident Engineers Academy courses fill-up quickly.

-          The LPA should use the Floodplain Encroachment Location Hydraulic Study(LHS) Memo-No Significant Encroachment for low risk project types located within the floodplain:


6.       SCAG Updates / Announcements (Presented by David Salgado):

-          12th Annual Southern California Economic Summit: On Thursday, Dec. 2, SCAG hosted the 12th annual Southern California Economic Summit virtually. The summit came at a time when the regional economy is still recovering from a time of unprecedented crisis. Civic and business leaders from across Southern California joined the discussion on how we can further our economic recovery and build strength and resilience in a post- COVID world.

-          SCAG 2021 Regional Briefing Book: Released in conjunction with the 12th Annual Southern California Economic Summit, held virtually on Dec. 2, 2021, this year’s Regional Briefing Book provides an overview of the SCAG region economy today, as well as an outlook for the counties.

-          SCAG GO-Human: SCAG was awarded a $1.25 million grant from the California State Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to fund ongoing work around regional active transportation safety. The GO Human programs provides marketing and promotional materials which can be tailored to meet the needs of participating agencies. The Go Human campaign launched in 2015 to reduce collisions, improve safety for people walking and biking and raise awareness of the importance of traffic safety.

-          SCAG Broadband Action Plan at the February 4th SCAG Regional Council (RC) Meeting, the SCAG RC adopted a resolution which directs SCAG staff to develop a “Broadband Action Plan.” The development of an action plan would provide a model resolution and policy paper for local jurisdictions, pursue funding opportunities and partnerships to assist local jurisdictions with broadband implementation, convene a working group, and further support broadband planning and data research. These efforts would also be developed to complement SCAG’s ongoing efforts to support an Inclusive

-          Economic Recovery and efforts supporting Racial Equity and Social Justice.

-          SCAG Regional Data Platform (RDP): The Regional Data Platform will standardize regionally significant datasets, provide opportunities for local partners to update their data in real time, and draw insights from local trends. More specifically, it will be an online tool or SCAG and local jurisdictions to access data necessary for local general plan development trends, housing and economic growth, and sustainability conditions.

-          SCAG Housing Policy Leadership Academy: With support from the State’s Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grant program and to support the region’s efforts in response to recent state investments in planning to accelerate housing production and meet the goals of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), SCAG has developed a series of trainings that will support elected officials, advocates, and interested stakeholders in moving forward a pro-housing development agenda.

-          Go Human Kit of Parts: David Salgado included a presentation that demonstrates some examples of the pop-up demonstration materials.


7.       Cities and County Planning / Public Works Updates:

      -     Local agencies gave an update on their local projects in progress.


8.       ICTC Updates / Announcements                                                                                                  Presented by Marlene Flores, David Aguirre, and Virginia Mendoza

a.       Transit Planning Updates

- ICTC is still operating under COVID-19 requirements those which include Free fares for Transit riders including Med Trans. The 90% of the ICTC improvement plans had just finished and were delivered to the City of Calexico.

b.      Transportation Planning Updates

1.       Imperial County Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Request for Proposals (RFP)- ICTC is conducting an RFP process to prepare a full update of the Imperial County LRTP. Request for Proposals were due on November 19,2021. On December 2, 2021, an LRTP evaluation committee reviewed the proposals. The evaluation committee consisted of technical staff from the IID, the Cities of Calexico and El Centro, and Caltrans.

2.       Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG) and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program (CMAQ) 2022 Call for Projects-FFY 22/23 to FFY 24/25- The STBG and CMAQ Call for Projects began on November 18, 2021. The approved 2022 CMAQ & STBG Guidelines are posted on the ICTC website. Applications are due by 5:00pm on Friday, February 25, 2022, to ICTC at 1503 N. Imperial Ave., Suite 104, El Centro, CA 92243. For additional information, please contact Marlene Flores at (760) 592-4494 or at

3.       Regional Active Transportation Plan Project Prioritization- There has been a draft developed for each of the cities. There is a map available to all the cities that will be provided.

4.       FY 2020-21 Programmed Project Obligation Updates

- Federal and State project list was presented. The list is a list of projects that reflects projects that have funding in FFY 21/22.



9.       General Discussion / New Business

Virginia Mendoza shared information about the 2022 Sustainability Awards. Applications are due to SCAG Thursday, January 13, 2022. Nominations will be accepted for the following award categories, Active, Healthy and Safe Communities, Clean Cities: Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure, Efficient and Sustainable Land Use, Equity, Green Region Initiative: Resource Conservative and Climate Action, and House Innovation.


Next TAC meeting will be January 27, 2022, via Zoom


10.   Meeting adjourned at 11:47 a.m.