October 5th, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Minutes | Regular Meeting




                        MINUTES                   October 5, 2022


Present              Voting Attendees:

Ted Ceasar                               Consumer

Dr. Kathleen Lang                    California Health & Wellness (CH&W)

Raul Cordova                           Work Training Center (WTC)

Letty Zuno                               Access to Independence

Pricilla Lopez                           Workforce and Economic Development

Sarah Enz                                 Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

Mitzi Perez                               ARC-IV

Michelle Soto                           California Children Services-CCS

David Aguirre                         CTSA–ICTC

Maricela Galarza                      CTSA–ICTC

Gustavo Gomez                        CTSA–ICTC


                        Non-Voting Attendees:            

Cesar Sanchez                          IVT/IVTAccess/IVTRide/IVTMedtrans

Helio Sanchez                          IVT

                        Jose Guillen                             IVT MedTrans

                        Karla Pacheco                          IVT Access

                        Karla Aguilar                           IVT Ride




1.       Dr. Lang called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.  A quorum was present. Introductions were made.

-          Hybrid attendance.


2.       SSTAC Remote Resolution.

-          Dr. Lang explained the purpose of the implementation of the resolution. The resolution will be required for this meeting and future meetings until further notice.

-          SSTAC members reviewed the resolution and motioned to approve it as is. (Perez, Ceasar), Motion Carried.

-          Required signatures will be collected after the meeting.


3.       Minutes adopted for May 4, 2022. (Enz, Perez), Motion Carried.


4.       Review of SSTAC’s Roles and Responsibilities:


-          A presentation was given by Ms. Galarza, reviewing what Social Services Transportation Advisory Committee (SSTAC) is, what is SSTAC's role, why it's necessary, and what it consists of. It also reviews ICTC’s possible projects, activities, etc.., for the upcoming FY 2022-23.

-          Ms. Galarza and Dr. Lang encouraged SSTAC members to participate in providing information on their agencies as it is vital to know when referring clients to other resources.


5.       Reappointment of Voting Positions:


Ms. Galarza explained to SSTAC members that 3 voting positions are set to expire, which include;

-          2 positions for Category 3, Service Providers for Seniors.

-          1 position for Category 4, Service Providers for the Disabled.


Ms. Galarza asked if the agencies that are currently in the voting position would like to continue serving as voting members.

-          Mr. Cordova accepted to continue serving as an SSTAC voting member under Category 3, for another 3 years, as a representative for Work Training Center. Mr. Cordova also added an alternate individual to attend meetings in his absence. Minerva Palacios will be added as an alternate representative for WTC.

-          Ms. Perez accepted to continue serving as an SSTAC voting member under Category 4, for another 3 years, as a representative for Imperial Valley ARC.

-          Ms. Enz accepted to continue serving as an SSTAC voting member under Category 3, for another 3 years, as a representative for Area Agency on Aging. Ms. Enz also added an alternate individual to attend meetings in her absence. Madeline Desert will be added as an alternate representative for AAA.

-          Ms. Galarza asked Ms. Lopez, a representative of the I.C. Workforce and Economic Development if she wishes to participate as a voting SSTAC voting member. Ms. Lopez accepted to be added as a voting member.

-          Ms. Zuno mentioned that Ms. Teran was no longer with Access to Independence so the name would need to be changed.


Dr. Lang called for a motion to approve all appointed voting positions as accepted.

(Perez, Cordova), Motion Carried.


6.       Installation of Officers:


-          Ms. Galarza stated that the Chair and Vice positions are set to expire and asked current position holders if they wish to continue. Dr. Lang asked if there are any volunteers or nominations for SSTAC Chairperson/Vice-Chair. There were no volunteers or nominations, therefore;

·         Dr. Lang, a representative from California Health & Wellness, accepted to continue as SSTAC Chairperson.

·         Ms. Enz, a representative from Area Agency on Aging, accepted to continue as SSTAC Vice-Chairperson.

(Zuno, Cordova), Motion Carried.


7.       CTSA Reports:


Mr. Aguirre had the following updates:


-          ICTC is working with some member agencies to install bus stop infrastructure in some cities, for example, in front of El Centro Library. Also, in Calexico and Calipatria.

-          There is a new and improved rider guide that is expected to come out in about two weeks. In addition, looking at the possibility of putting QR codes out on buses and bus stops linking to the new riders' guide.

-          The new Calexico Micro transit service is underway now and working on the development of the new service. It is expected to be implemented at the beginning of January.

-          The Calexico Intermodal Transfer Center is still in progress. ICTC is working on obtaining funds for the construction phase, we are looking at a cost of about 12 million dollars. ICTC is looking through a variety of possible funding options.

-          The holiday season is approaching and ICTC will be doing the Stuff a bus and Veteran’s day event after not running it for a couple of years due to COVID. This is where passengers can donate a can or dry food item in exchange for a ride. The Stuff a bus event usually runs a couple of and the Veteran’s day event runs one week, with the same concept of donation for a ride. This event will run in November.

-          The free fare program will be implemented again after the promotional events; Stuff a bus, Veteran’s Day and Ride Free Day in December. The free fare program is expected to be implemented in January.

-          Mr. Aguirre extended gratitude to AAA for continuously providing funding for free rides to seniors on the IVT Ride service.   


Mr. Gomez had the following updates:


-          Staff participated in a senior event at the Brawley Day Out. It occurred on September 14, 2022.

-          Staff provided a presentation to IVC Tiny home residents on their transportation options.

-          Staff participated in another event last week, coordinated by Calexico Farmacia Del Pueblo.

-          Staff will be participating more in upcoming events in October. The goal is to do more outreach efforts to provide information on the available public transit services.

-          There were about 20-30 IVT Ride sign-ups this past month and had several for IVT Access as well.

-          Mr. Gomez mentioned to all agencies that if any brochures or rider’s guides are needed to contact staff to arrange a drop off of resources. Also, the staff is available for transit services presentation in person or via zoom.


8.       Transit 101: Transit 101 Presentation

-          Mr. Gomez presented on Transit 101, all services;

Ø  Stats, fleets, Available public transit services, etc.


  1. Transit Operator Service 4th Quarter Reports:


Imperial Valley Transit;

Mr. H. Sanchez presented the 4th quarter report for service:

-          Ridership is rising but not as much as it used to be.

-          The service is dealing with some construction on La Brucherie, Imperial, etc. During this type of situation, services still try to run as normally as possible and attempt not to miss bus stops. Although, construction is disrupting some routes for the service.  Alternate bus stops are in place and information is put on service websites for the awareness of passengers.


IVT Access;

Ms. Pacheco presented the 4th quarter report for service:

-          IVC students are in session and it's helping the ridership. It is expected that ridership will stay up due to IVC continuing to be in session


IVT Ride;

Ms. Aguilar presented the 4th quarter report for service:

-          Service continues to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday alternates between the Coachella area and the Brawley area. Thursdays continue to serve locally in Salton city.


IVT MedTrans;

Mr. C. Sanchez presented the 4th quarter report for service:

-          Service continues to have the same service hours but based on demand only sends one bus a day.


10.   General Discussion

-          Ms. Lopez stated that Workforce and Economic Develop has funding for individuals that need transportation to work or school.

Ø  Mr. Aguirre stated that staff can work with her to use those funds to purchase bus tickets to pass out to their clients.


11.   Adjournment

-          The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m. (Enz), Motion Carried.

-          The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at the Imperial County Transportation Commission Office, 1503 N. Imperial Ave., Suite 104, El Centro, CA 92243.