May 1st, 2024 at 10:00 AM

Minutes | Regular Meeting



            MINUTES              May 01, 2024


Present              Voting Attendees:  

                          Karina Leon                             Access to Independence

Cristina Leal                             ARC- Imperial Valley

Gustavo Gomez                        CTSA–ICTC


Non-Voting Attendees:

Kathleen Lang                              Community Health Plan (zoom)

Cesar Sanchez                          IVT

Helio Sanchez                          IVT

Jose Guillen                             IVT Medtrans

                         Karla Pacheco                          IVT Access

                        Karla Aguilar                             IVT Ride

                        Esperanza Avila                         ICTC 

                          Priscilla Baca                               ICTC




1.       Mr. Gomez called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. A quorum was not present.


2.        Introductions were made.

-          Hybrid meeting.


3.       Minutes were not adopted for April 03, 2024 Motion not Carried.


4.       UTN 2024-25 Findings:

Mr. Gomez had the following updates:

-          The 2nd UTN Findings meeting was April 29, 2024. We demonstrated the analysis on the requests that were received. Some are tied with current projects with the Comprehensive Operation Analysis, which analyzes transit services overall.

-          130 comments were received overall.

-          Next UTN hearing is February 2024.


5.       CTSA Reports:      

Mr. Gomez had the following updates:

-          Free fares end June 30, 2024. Flyers have been posted throughout cities to inform everyone in advance.

-           The final phase of hiring a design firm for the Bus stop improvements project. Next is the construction phase of the Bus stop improvements. Some of the locations include: El Centro Library, Northern side of ECRMC, Calipatria, and Westmorland.

-          In the process of hiring a Contract Manager for the Calexico ITC Project.

-          The Comprehensive Operation Analysis Project is in the works. We will be reaching out to agency’s for further comments on outreach.

Ms. Baca had the following updates:

-          Continuing to attend outreach events.

-          April 4, 2024, Senior resource fair in Imperial at the seniors’ apartments.

-          Upcoming meeting with Dr. Vo about all our services.

-          Attended the Health Resource Fair in Calexico. Informed seniors regarding services.

-          Provided information to Univision Television about our services.

-          New MedTrans Brochures will be available.

-          IVT Ride/Access are continuing to help Alegria with transportation.

-          Free fares are being provided by Area Agency on Aging for senior citizens.

-          Continuing to assist in sign-ups for IVT Ride and Access via phone and In-person.

-          Staff are available for any questions or concerns regarding any of the services.

-          Staff is also available to provide brochures and information to any agency that requests it,


6.       Transit Operator FY 2023-24 Reports:

Imperial Valley Transit.

-          Mr. Helio presented the report on the service.

-          Summer weather is approaching, AC services are being checked.

-          Continuing outreach about services.

-          Free Fares are still ongoing until July 2024


IVT Access

-          Ms. Pacheco presented the report on the service.

-          Working with Alegria patients.

-          Passenger demands are improving.


IVT Ride

-          Ms. Aguilar presented the report on all IVT Ride services.

-          Attending more outreach.

-          AAA covering IVT Ride charges.


IVT MedTrans

-          Mr. Guillen presented the report on the service.

-          Attending more outreach.

-          Free Fares until July 2024.


7.       General Discussion

-          Dr. Lang suggested making a motion via email to go dark in June, until August 2024.

8.       Adjournment

-          The meeting adjourned at 10:37 a.m.

-          The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 04, 2024, at the Imperial County Transportation Commission Office, 1503 N. Imperial Ave., Suite 104, El Centro, CA 92243.