June 2nd, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Minutes | Regular Meeting




                        MINUTES                 June 2, 2021


Present              Voting Attendees:

Dr. Kathleen Lang                    California Health and Welness (CH&W)

Ted Ceasar                               Consumer

Mitzi Perez                               ARC Imperial Valley

Sarah Enz                                 Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

David Aguirre                         CTSA–ICTC

Maricela Galarza                      CTSA–ICTC

Gustavo Gomez                        CTSA–ICTC

Audrie Tapia                            CTSA–ICTC


                        Non-Voting Attendees:            

Cesar Sanchez                          IVT/IVTAccess/IVTRide/IVTMedtrans

Helio Sanchez                          IVT

                        Jose Guillen                             IVT MedTrans

                        Karla Pacheco                          IVT Access

                        Karla Aguilar                           IVT Ride



1.       Dr. Lang called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. A quorum was present. Introductions were made.


2.       Minutes were reviewed for April 7, 2021. (Ceasar, Enz) Motion Carried.


3.       Minutes were reviewed for May 5, 2021. (Ceasar, Perez) Motion Carried.


4.       CTSA Reports:


Mr. Aguirre had the following updates:

-          Unmet Transit Needs on Monday, June 7th at 4 pm through zoom. Comments have been received in advance. The hearing will proceed as normal, except for the in-person component. Ms. Galarza will forward information and a zoom link to the meeting.

-          The mask requirements on transit will continue, whereas the social distancing will be lifted. It will be recommended to passengers, but will not be enforced.

-          Several locations are opening up, one being Day out services for seniors which will benefit IVT services.


Mr. Gomes had the following updates:

-          There have been more sign-ups for both IVT Ride and IVT Access.

-          Staff is doing presentations and are available to any presentation requests via zoom.

-          Staff is available to drop off brochures and rider guide to agencies.


Ms. Galarza had the following updates:

-          Staff completed outreach to high schools (e.g. drop off brochures, presentations, etc.)

-          Staff is available to re-stock agencies on any items they might need.

-          The updated IVT Medtrans were received and will be distributed to agencies, doctor offices, etc.

-          The staff is looking forward to more outreach efforts.


5.       Transit Operator updates:


IV Transit; Mr. H. Sanchez had the following updates.

-          The service is running well. Passenger count is picking up every day

-          Service from Monday through Friday 850-1000.Saturday 600-700, Sunday 200-250 passengers.

-          Some delays on Adams due to road improvements.

-          Looking forward to locations opening and ridership rising.


IVT Access; Ms. Pacheco had the following updates.

-          El Centro Day out opened and services started to transport passengers, about 4. In the next week, it will be about 15 passengers.

-          Brawley will also open and the service will transport 9 potential passengers.

-          Still running on a Saturday schedule.

-          COVID procedures are still followed on service.


IVT Ride; Ms. Aguilar presented the 3rd quarter report for service.

-          El Centro Day out opened and services started to transport passengers, about 4. In the next week, it will be about 10passengers. The following week 6 passengers will be added.

-          Brawley Day out 2 passengers are being transported.

-          Calexico and El Centro services have been busy.


IVT MedTrans; Mr. Guillen presented the 3rd quarter report for service,

-          Looking forward to San Diego medical facilities

-          Service brochures were taken to the Veterans office.

-          Continuing COVID procedures and processes implementation.


6.       General Discussion

-          Dr. Lang asked SSTAC members if there was a preference to go dark during July and August.

-          Ms. Galarza mentioned that as part of the UTN process a 2nd letter requires the chairperson's signature, so maybe consider a July meeting.

-          Mr. Aguirre stated that he would look into it since the circumstances are different. SSTAC will be informed for further planning for the July meeting.

-          Dr. Lang proceeded to hold off on the voting to go dark in July.


7.       Adjournment

-          The meeting adjourned at 10:23 a.m. (Lang), Motion Carried.

-          The next meeting will be held Tentatively on July 7, 2021, at the Imperial County Transportation Commission Office, 1503 N. Imperial Ave., Suite 104, El Centro, CA 92243.