January 4th, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Minutes | Regular Meeting



                        MINUTES                   January 4, 2023


Present              Voting Attendees:

Ted Ceasar                               Consumer

                        Mike Hack                               Consumer

                        Kathleen Lang                          California Health & Wellness

                        Priscilla Lopez                         Workforce & Economic Development

                        Raul Cordova                           Work Training Center

James Dalke                             Imperial Valley College

Mitzi Perez                               ARC-IV

Karina Leon                             Access to Independence

Sarah Enz                                 Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

David Aguirre                          CTSA-ICTC

Gustavo Gomez                        CTSA–ICTC


Non-Voting Attendees:            

Helio Sanchez                          IVT

                        Jose Guillen                             IVT MedTrans

                        Karla Pacheco                          IVT Access

                        Karla Aguilar                           IVT Ride

                        Liz Santucci                             Caltrans

                        Kitty Gay                                 ICPHD

                        Angela Delgadillo                    ICTC


1.       Dr. Lang called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. A quorum was present. Introductions were made.

-          Hybrid meeting.


2.       SSTAC Remote Resolution.

-          SSTAC members reviewed the resolution and motioned to approve it as is. (Ceasar, Perez), Motion Carried.

-          Required signatures will be collected after the meeting.


3.       Minutes were adopted for December 7, 2022. (Perez, Hack), Motion Carried.


4.       CTSA Reports:


Mr. Aguirre had the following updates:

-          The Free Fares Program is hoping to start in about a month or two. Free fares are being provided by Area Agency on Aging.

-          The Microtransit program in Calexico is being finalized. This service, Calexico on Demand, is essentially a subsidized uber. The cost is two dollars per trip and one dollar for seniors or a person with disability. This program should start on January 9, 2023 and will be free for a month. Marketing materials have been completed and will be shared with the public.


Mr. Gomez had the following updates:

-          Staff attended an event during December; Senior Health Fair in Calexico

-          There are new rider guides for IVT and soon IVT MedTrans will have new brochures.

-          There's been a rise in IVT Ride and IVT Access services registrations (IVT Access 20-30 Applications received and certified)

-          Mr. Gomez asked if any agencies need transit services resources they can reach out to staff to be provided with more.


5.       FY 2023-24 Master Needs List, UTN Letter to the hearing Panel Review (DRAFT)

-          Mr. Gomez discussed the current Master Needs list and mentioned that changes can be done to the list

-          Mr. Aguirre stated that the public hearing will be done as it usually is. The surveys want to be put out for the public as soon as possible. The surveys will be provided in the vehicle and online.

-          Dr. Kathleen Lang asked if the new Microtransit service in Calexico has potential to expand or if it is still premature. She points out line number 6 and 7 which states, “ Expand Transit Access within the community of Calexico IVT Garnet Line…Imperial IVT Red Line.”

-          Mr. Aguirre stated that they will monitor the performance in the Calexico service and are looking at opportunities to do an IVT Red Line in Imperial. Multiple conversations have been made with the City of Imperial to see how it would look like.

-          Dr. Lang asked if there can be some language made that includes the Microtransit service in Calexico and the potential for expansion, if appropriate.

-          Ms. Enz asked regarding the letter, if it is the same time frame to issue the letter. Mr. Aguirre stated that it can be pushed our further. Typically, the hearing is the March or April time frame.

-          Mrs. Gay made a comment about the need for transporation that is ever growing with people with disabilities and people with depend on transporation.

-          Dr. Lang mentioned that her students noted that transportation and homelessness was something they were mostly worried about.  

-          Ms. Enz stated that she would like to know the status of the priorities given last year. Mr. Aguirre gave updates on each of the items on the letter.

-          An update on the Master Needs List was requested to be sent out to SSTAC members before the next meeting.


6.       Transit Operator FY 2022-23 Reports:


           Imperial Valley Transit

-          Mr. Sanchez mentioned that service is running as usual. There was a free day on December 22, 2022 where any riders can ride for free that day for all services except IVT MedTrans.

-          There is a slight increase in ridership as time goes by.


IVT Access

-          Ms. Pacheco mentioned that IVT Access did participate in the free day on December 22nd.

-          Service is running as usual.


IVT Ride

-          Ms. Aguilar sated that the service is running as usual and mentioned some of the events that IVT Ride participated in the last month

-          The service is still proving free fares, sponsored by Area Agency on Aging.


IVT MedTrans

-          Mr. Guillen mentioned that service has been a little slower than usual, due to some snow days in San Diego.

-          Service hours are the same and both buses are available. It is in response to demand.


7.       General Discussion

-          There was no general discussion.



8.       Adjournment

-          The meeting adjourned at 10:48 a.m.

-          The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, at the Imperial County Transportation Commission Office, 1503 N. Imperial Ave., Suite 104, El Centro, CA 92243.