December 2nd, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Minutes | Regular Meeting




                        MINUTES                 December 2, 2020


Present              Voting Attendees:

Ted Ceasar                               Consumer

Mitzi Perez                               ARC-IV

Michelle Soto                           California Children’s Services (CCS)

James Dalske                           Imperial Valley College (IVC)

David Aguirre                         CTSA–ICTC

Maricela Galarza                      CTSA–ICTC

Gustavo Gomez                        CTSA–ICTC


                        Non-Voting Attendees:            

Cesar Sanchez                          IVT/IVTAccess/IVTRide/IVTMedtrans

Helio Sanchez                          IVT

                        Jose Guillen                             IVT MedTrans

                        Karla Pacheco                          IVT Access

                        Karla Aguilar                           IVT Ride


1.       Mr. Ceasar called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. No quorum present. Introductions were made.

-          Chair and Vice-Chair were not present during the meeting, Mr. Ceasar proceeded to run the meeting for SSTAC.

-          Zoom attendance.


2.       Minutes were reviewed for November 4, 2020. (-, -), Motion postponed for next meeting.


3.       CTSA Reports:


Mr. Gomez had the following updates:

-          Mobility staff conducted a zoom presentation during the Area Agency on Aging advisory committee meeting. Presented on the transportation services that ICTC offers.

-          IVT Ride and IVT Access enrollments continue to be conducted remotely.

·         Ms. Galarza added that there will be more attempts to provide presentations in zoom. For the moment this is the safest and best way to provide some type of outreach of the transportation services ICTC provides. Either if it is per request or simply to begin scheduling to see if individuals will attend. This is an approach that staff will look at to keep individuals informed on the transportation services offered and current changes.


Mr. Aguirre had the following updates:

-          ICTC is looking to finalize several projects, nevertheless, some delays are caused by the pandemic which caused a limitation for outreach and feedback. Although the Fare Study project is at the end, consultants are preparing to develop something to share during SSTAC.

-          The Coordinated Plan is ongoing.

-          The CAD-AVL project is also almost ready to be implemented. AVL hardware is installed on vehicles, but consultants are still working on the interface for the public. This may take about a couple more months. Interface information will be shared during an SSTAC meeting as well. This project encountered delays about the pandemic; thus, installers couldn’t travel for some time. ICTC is excited to move along with this project and implement it as soon as possible.

·         Mr. Ceasar asked about the status of the Fare Study project.

Ø  Mr. Aguirre explained that it’s in the last phase, developing a document that includes the study information and recommendations. The document is 90% completed, nevertheless, it's going through final revisions to be finalized. The intention is to present the final version to SSTAC members around January. Preliminary information and recommendations include; slight fare increase, which will not occur any time soon because of the pandemic, mobile ticketing, which ICTC will work on moving forward with. It is not the right time to do a fare increase, even if it’s a slight one.


4.       FY 2021-22 Master Needs List, UTN letter:


-          Mr. Aguirre reviewed and explained both the Master Needs List and UTN sample letter purpose through the Unmet Transit Needs process.

-          Mr. Aguirre stated that some items from the list are currently pending funding and/or in ICTC’s Short Regional Transit Plan (SRTP). Items that have been placed in this list have successfully implemented an example is the IVT Ride service to Heber. Other items such as the proposed Garnet Line and the proposed Red Line in the City of Imperial have possibilities to get funded through grants, but services will be a modified version of them. For example, a grant application was submitted for a micro-transit service in Calexico, initially, this would replace the need for the Garnet Line. If it is successfully awarded to ICTC the new service would be provided to the residents of Calexico.

-          Mr. Aguirre stated that once SSTAC members have agreed on some of the priorities in transit needs, a letter is developed to present to the panel during the Unmet Transit Needs Hearing which usually occurs in February. The chair of the SSTAC committee would present it to the panel during this hearing.

-          Further discussion on items will move forward to the next meeting.


5.       Transit Operator Updates:


IV Transit; Mr. H. Sanchez had the following updates;

-          The service continues to run on a Saturday schedule.

-          No issues in operations or no complaints received.

-          Free fares seem to influence the increase in ridership.

·         Mr. Aguirre informed Mr. Dalske that there have been some calls from students attempting to get transportation towards IVC, but staff informs them that due to the pandemic transit is not providing that route at the moment. Mr. Aguirre stated that staff just wants a status on the probability of going to IVC again.

Ø  Mr. H. Sanchez added that routes 3W and 3E pass through there, but do not stop. Mr. agreed with Mr. Aguirre that a few passengers have reached out in an attempt to get transportation to IVC. Mr. H. Sanchez asked Mr. Dalske if any transportation concerns have reached IVC in that aspect.

Ø  Mr. Dalske stated that there are no concerns expressed on the transportation of his knowledge. He mentioned informing students to reach out to IVC so they can get transportation arrangements. Only about 200 students are attending IVC physically, but if transportation issues come towards transit staff from students please have them call IVC to work away to assist them. For the moment IVC prefers for the route not to come to the college as combating the spread of COVID 19 the attempt is to isolate as much possible. It is safer for everyone, as IVC has now opened a facility on campus to serve the recovery patients of COVID 19. Although, IVC staff do not want this to cause hardship towards students so just have them call to get assistance. There are a small number of students needing transportation it would be a great financial responsibility to run routes for a handful of students. IVC can provide them carpool, or any other transportation method for the time being all they need to do is contact IVC and support will be provided.


IVT Access; Ms. Pacheco had the following updates;

-          The service is running smoothly and also still running the Saturday schedule.

-          During the holidays' service has little demand.

-          There have been no issues or complaints on COVID procedures.

-          Fewer passengers were seen during September and October.

·         Mr. Ceasar asked if passengers have refused to wear a mask.

Ø  Mr. H. Sanchez stated that at the initiation of the requirement, yes, but as time went by most ridership complied. There have only been about 1-2 issues.


IVT Ride; Ms. Aguilar had the following updates;

-          There have been no changes in the service.

-          Free fares are being provided by ICTC and AAA.

-          The service is running well.


IVT MedTrans; Mr. Guillen had the following updates;

-          The ridership this month has decreased, many are not traveling during this time.

-          The service buses are alternated to provide the trip to San Diego as needed if demand is not there. Although, two buses are always available if demand is there.

-          The service is running well with no issues.

-          Outreach to San Diego hospitals is needed to gather any updates on their facilities and processes during this time. Also, to increase ridership for the service.


6.       General Discussion

-          No Comment/Discussion


7.       Adjournment

-          The meeting adjourned at 10:42 a.m. (Ceasar), Motion Carried.

-          The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at the Imperial County Transportation Commission Office, 1503 N. Imperial Ave., Suite 104, El Centro, CA 92243.