SR-78 Glamis Crossing

State Route 78 / Glamis Multiuse Grade Separated Crossing Feasibility Study

Final Report 

Final SR 78 / Glamis Feasibility Study

Project Description

The SR78/Glamis Feasibility Study analyzed and developed feasible design alternatives and locations for providing a safe Multiuse Grade Separated Crossing for off-highway vehicle (OHV) users across the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) rail line at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA). 

The study objectives and outcomes include developing a problem statement, identifying feasible engineering alternatives for grade separated crossings and the constraints, costs, and risks of each alternative, and establishing a path forward for a preferred alternative including identification of agency responsibility, funding mechanisms, anticipated costs and risks throughout the project life.

Study Area

The Study Area is located in Glamis California in the eastern portion of Imperial County. It is within the eastern portion of the ISDRA and is approximately 3 miles long and 2,000 feet wide. It is bisected by the UPRR from SR 78 in the north to approximately Wash 15 in the south, encompassing Ted Kipf road to the east. A map of the Study Area is available here.

Member Agencies / Partners