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ICTC Fare Analysis 

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ICTC Transit Operator Fixed Route Financial Report Final

The Short-Range Transit Plan

ICTC Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) FY 2017-18

Executive Summary

Short Range Transit Plan Presentation 

SRTP Community Outreach Flyer

SRTP Workshop Boards

Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC) Agency Safety Plan (ASP), 2020


ICTC/ Department of Transportation DBE Program – 49 CFR PART 26 

The federal government requires transportation agencies that receive U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) funds to implement the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. The Federal DBE Program is a program that is designed to encourage the participation of minority‐ and women‐owned businesses (MBE/WBEs) in transportation contracting. Implementation of the program is guided by regulations in 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 26, USDOT guidance, and relevant court decisions. Below are the DBE Plans for FY 2019-21, FY 2015-19, FY 2013-15, the 2014 Disparity Study and the DBE Plan for FY 2012-13. 

ICTC Draft Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) 

Transit Asset Management Plan FY 2018-19 to FY 2022-23

Draft TDA Triennial Performance Audit for FY 2014-2016

2016 Imperial Valley College/San Diego State University Transit Shuttle Analysis

Calexico Border Intermodal Transportation Center Feasibility Study 

Imperial County Safe Routes to School Regional Master Plan 

ADA Paratransit Service Certification and Eligibility Process and Demand Management Review, and Growth Assessment: ICTC is the administrator of the fixed route transit system and the ADA paratransit system. ICTC has recognized that there are unique challenges with meeting the growing demand and increasing costs for the ADA paratransit system. A qualified Consultant completed a project that provides an assessment of the current policies and processes for certification and eligibility of the ADA paratransit system. In addition ICTC is requesed the consultant provide strategies to forecast and accommodate service growth, demand management and cost containment. This is a locally funded project. 

Update to the Coordinated Public Transit and Human Services Transportation Plan: The primary purpose of the Coordinated Plan is to continue to meet the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) and other funding agency’s requirements for eligibility for various grants, including but not limited to the FTA Section 5310 program. The update to the Coordinated Plan will include a reassessment of all available public and private transportation services in Imperial County, a reassessment of public and social services transportation needs, development of strategies and/or activities to address gaps in service, identification of coordination actions to eliminate or reduce duplication in services where they exist, and a prioritization of implementation strategies. The final copy of the 2014 plan is in two parts below.

Transportation Development Act (TDA-State Funds) Triennial Performance Audit Project: The audit is a state mandated requirement every three years for all TDA funds received in Imperial County. Below are the Draft reports for all participating agencies including ICTC.

IVT Bus Stop Safety and Design Standards Guidelines Project: The final product will benefit ICTC, the cities and County in the implementation of future bus stop and terminal capital improvements throughout the region. This project is the second phase of the multi-year Four Phase Bus Stop Improvement Program.

Passenger Statistical Summary (PSS) Project for FY 2013-14 for Imperial Valley Transit (IVT): Due to the receipt of federal grant funding for public transit, federal reporting requirements state that transit systems are required to report on “passenger miles.”  This process takes place every three years and is utilized to track the individual distance or mileage travelled by each boarding passenger.  Federal grant apportionments are also based on a variety of factors including census data and this type of reporting process. Below is the final report. 

This Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) for the Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC) is the result of a planning process that involved the examination of transit, socio-economic and demographic data, as well as an extensive public outreach process that involved meetings with members of the public and current transit system riders, as well as interviews with community stakeholders. The information gathered during this planning process was utilized to develop a set of recommendations for both the IV Transit fixed route bus system and the various demand response transit services operated throughout Imperial County. The SRTP presents the proposed improvements to the IV Transit system in three phases, and those for the demand response services in two phases. Recommendations for consideration as part of Imperial County’s Long-Range Transit Vision are also provided. Finally, estimated impacts on the operating funding needs, the capital requirements and various other operational measures are also provided as part of this SRTP. 

Public Participation Plan 

IVT Specific Operational Analysis (SOA) For the Circulator Bus Design Project

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